Moving Towards EMDR Accreditation

Supervision with Nigel Mills in Cardiff and Abergavenny

If you have completed the basic EMDR training and wish to become accredited as an EMDR Europe practitioner, then you are required to receive supervision from an EMDR Consultant.

Full details are on the EMDR association website:

If you are receiving supervision from someone who is not a recognised EMDR Consultant those sessions are not recognised by the EMDR association or EMDR Europe as counting towards accreditation.


I provide one to one supervision in Cardiff and Abergavenny. The fee is £80 per session (each session is approximately 50 minutes). Invoices for a series of sessions can be made out to your employing authority. If you would like to enquire further about supervision please email me on

Supervision is also available via Skype or telephone.

EMDR Training Workshops with Nigel Mills

I provide a range of training workshops on various aspects of the EMDR protocol. I am pleased to provide these in-house for your employing organisation. Workshops I have provided to date include:

How to help your client develop more effective resources in EMDR.

Working with difficult cases in EMDR.

How to use EMDR to cultivate your own resilience as a therapist. 

Cultivating the resources of compassionate presence; protective presence and wisdom figure.

How to prevent being affected by vicarious trauma. 

Further details of my own training and background and approach to EMDR can be found on my websites:  and