If there could be someone who could understand,
how everything you have been through, came to pass and
If that someone, could accept you, as you are, whatever you did.
Who would that person be?

Maybe it’s someone you have known in your life so far?
Maybe it’s someone you have never met, someone from history, or from a spiritual tradition,
or from a book or film?

Don’t think too hard, let your eyes go soft and extend to the edge of your vision,
Let your hearing softly extend too, as if gently listening for a sound far, far away.
Finally, allow your mind to soften, so you can allow yourself to receive, images and ideas.
Gently observe as your compassionate figure enters your awareness,
Allow yourself to see how they greet you, like an old friend, they have known you all your life,
they know your strengths and vulnerabilities, they understand and accept everything.

Where would you like them to stand?
In front of you? To one side? Or behind you?
How would you like them to contact you?
With a gentle touch?, A warm embrace? A grip of the hand?
They know all about you.
They have seen the journey of your life, from birth to now.
They know everything and they completely understand,
How you come to be in the situation you are in,
They accept you and your actions completely.
What do they say to you?
Listen to those words, breathe them in and take them into your heart.
You are accepted.