Become aware of your feet on the ground.
As you breathe in, just notice, how you are feeling right now….
Sometimes it’s good to have a sense of being protected, from what life can throw at you…
So what would help you to feel protected?
Maybe a colour, that can be breathed deeply in and then breathed deeply out,
surrounding your being with a protective light.

What colour would be good for you?

Imagine that colour gathering in the belly, till the belly is full to overflowing, and then let it overflow, down to your legs, into the soles of your feet, the toes and even, beyond the toes. Then watch how it flows up to the heart too, and out in front of you, till it forms a sphere, a bubble all around you.

Then just notice how the colour extends to the head, suffusing the mind with strength and glow. So the sphere now goes from above your head to below your feet, to an arms length in front of your chest to an arms length, behind your back.
In the very centre of this sphere, surrounded by light, you are
Safe and secure.