This website has been created to help both therapists and clients develop their own inner resources.

By working through the guided exercises on each of the pages you can help yourself to feel stronger inside, to feel more protected and to feel safer and accepted.

Transforming states of past being,
In order to be freer
To face the future.

If you are not already familiar
I would advise you first to visit
Some of the links provided.
If you know already, the context,
And you have an accredited therapist to help you
On your journey,
Then please proceed.

You are likely to gain more from the exercises if you can,
Leave your questioning, critical left brain at the door
And allow your right brain to
Soften and rest your eyes and ears on a distant place and allow,
The images, sounds and sensations
That you need, to come to you spontaneously.

The key is to just allow and not to think too hard and not to try too hard. It’s a bit like going to the cinema and you have no idea what is going to come up on the screen.

You can start anywhere, just click on whichever page appeals to you.