Become aware of where you are right now
Take in your surroundings
The nearby and the far away
Become aware of your body and your breath
Let an image come to you, of yourself, at the time in question
The time when you were in trouble or
The time when you first became vulnerable or pre-occupied
See yourself back then
From a birds eye view.
Looking as if, at another person
Your past self
Notice the posture you had then
Notice the expression on your face
Acknowledge that persons emotional state.
If the you sitting here today, your present self,
Could reach out to your past self
And offer them some support, some reassurance
What form would that best take?
An action?
What movement or change in posture could you help your past self to do?
Take a moment to see that take place
Would some words be useful?
If so what would you, your present self, like to say to your past self?
Take a moment to say the words out loud,
Take another moment to let you past self hear them.
Or maybe something beyond words,
A coloured light ?
A coloured light that, for you, would feel reassuring,
Where, in your body, can your emanate that light ?
Where does your past self need to receive it?
And of course your past self is living within your present self
So take a moment to pause
And allow your inner past self to soften and receive that light.
Add the words that you would like to say to your inner past self
And let those words be received, be absorbed,
Just notice, how that feels.