Become aware of your feet on the ground,
As you breathe in, just notice, how are you feeling right now?
Sometimes it’s good to have a sense of being protected from what life can throw at you.
If you could summon up a figure, of such strength and courage, that they could protect you from all terrors, whether in your own mind or in the external world, would you prefer them to be:

Animal or Human?
Male or Female?
Of real substance or more spiritual or of light?
Would their hair be long or short?
What would they wear?
Would they hold weapons? If so what ?
Now, where would they stand? To your side or in front or behind?

How would they stand? Legs astride or in walking stance?
What is their posture and their facial expression?
Now, most important, if they could speak, what would they say or do to convey their protective presence to you?
What words do they whisper in your ear?
If they could send you a protective light what colour would it be?
How does it feel in your own body to be in their presence?
If they could give you an object that has protective power, or a symbol perhaps. What would it be?
Take it in your hand, feel its power.
And as you breathe in, Feel
Your own protective presence.
Feel the power in your own legs, as you move around the room, enjoy the new strength surging through your limbs.
Let a sound rise up, from the soles of your feet and
Into your belly. Let your jaw open to let it flow out, strengthening your protective field all around you.