The Safe Place: Guided Exercise


The Safe Place: Guided Exercise – Arabic Version

If there could be a place where you could feel completely safe
Would it be a place where you have been
In your life to date?
Or would it be a place that you would prefer to create
In your imagination?
Choose one of these options
Now let me help you, to bring your place to life
By asking you a few questions:
When you look around
What colours would you like to see?
Breathe the colours into your being.
What sounds would you like to hear?
Let those sounds come into your mind.
What fragrance would you like to smell?
Let that fragrance come to mind.
Are you indoors or outdoors?
Take a moment to picture your surroundings in more detail,
Can you see water, hills, trees, buildings, sunshine, moonshine
What objects would you like to have around you, that make you feel safe?
See those objects in your safe place.
Would you like to have anyone with you, or perhaps a pet alongside?
Feel their presence.
Enjoy the safety they can convey to you.
What posture do you have when you are in your safe place?
Take on that posture now.
What facial expression do you have when in your safe place?
Let your face assume that expression now.
Feel, in your body, how it is to feel safe.
Let a word or a phrase come to you expresses this feeling of safety.
Say your word or phrase out loud, feel how it resonates with the feeling in your body and the picture in your mind.
Enjoy that feeling for a few moments more, until you are ready to leave.
When you are ready to leave, create a path in your mind
Between your safe place and your present surroundings,
A path that is there only for you, and when you are ready,
Gently come back, along the path, to reconnect to your present surroundings.
Know that the path to your place of inner safety is always there, and saying your word or phrase can take you back there whenever you wish.